What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip Irrigation Experts in Tucson, AZ.

You may be wondering what a drip irrigation system is? You’ve heard of it, but you do not know exactly what it is. Drip irrigation is pretty much like a mister or spray bottle for the roots of your plants. The point is to evenly send the nutrients to all of your plants. Using a drip irrigation system can help to prevent evaporation, runoff and drift. Using a proper drip irrigation system, like one installed by a drip irrigation contractor, can save you energy, water, and time. Not only that, but because your plants are getting exactly what they need, you will get more from them.

When it comes to drip irrigation, there are two main types. You can have a surface drip irrigation system, or a subsurface Drip irrigation system. What is the difference? Well…

When you have a surface drip irrigation system, it uses close emitter spacing and a thin drip line that gets put about one to six inches into the soil or below the surface. This type of drip irrigation system is temporary because it is taken and recycled on a yearly basis, leaving you to get another one. These are primarily used for crops that are going to bring you in enough money to deal with having to get a new drip line installed; something like saffron!

A subsurface drip irrigation system in Tucson is different because it uses a wider emitter spacing and the drip line is a bit thicker. This one goes eight to fourteen inches into the soil or below the surface. The great thing about these systems in the fact that they are permanent; however, this makes the need of a professional drip irrigation contractor in Tucson, AZ so important! You will mostly find this type of system in row crop agriculture, but some of the high value crops are using it too!

Don’t think that there is only commercial drip irrigation; not at all You can have a residential drip irrigation system for your property and it is not even that expensive!

So, what can drip irrigation do for you? For starters, it saves water and studies prove that it uses anywhere from thirty to fifty percent less water than something like sprinklers! It can also improve the growth of your plants because it extends the watering time, preventing nutrient runoff and soil erosion! The water also goes directly to the roots, which is exactly where the water needs to be!

Benefits of Drip Irrigation Systems in Tucson, AZ.

Do you dislike weeds? Well, a drip irrigation system will help to discourage those weeds because the water is only going where the plant needs. Do you have time to spend moving sprinklers all around and setting them up all over again? Or to use a watering can?! Absolutely not! That’s another great reason to get a drip irrigation system because you just have a drip irrigation contractor come by and install it.